100th Release

So according to Manga Updates, the last release we made prior to this one was number 99. Given I made a small fuss about the 50th release, I figured I’d make a small fuss about this one as well.
It did kinda get me thinking though, 100 releases, that sounds like a lot. But then it dawned on me, surely we’ve done more than 100 chapters? I mean, we’ve done just over 70 of Karate alone! So I guess the question is, how many chapters have we actually done?

Well, according to my numbers, it’s as follows.
Karate – Well that’s easy, 71.
Shibatora – Also easy, 35.
Hanagata – Easy again, 9.
Capeta – Well, we’ve done 4 early chapters, and 4 later chapters, so 8 in total now.
Peace Maker – We’ve done 15 chapters.
Rookies – A bit more difficult to calculate. We did 40 chapters at the start, and now we’ve done another 8. So 48 in total.
Misc Chapters – We’ve done a few misc things. In total, it’s 9 chapters done.
So realistically speaking, we’ve actually released 195 chapters. In just the last year, we’ve actually released 91 chapters in total. I think that’s pretty good, and we’ve certainly made a comeback since our lacklustre first 2/3rds of 2009.

Anyway, enough history and number of chapters we’ve done. Today, I’ve got a release that will make everyone happy. That’s right, all our current series, we’ve got at least one chapters for. So head on over to the Forums to get them via direct download, or to our Irc Channel to grab them there or hang out and chat.
Give your thanks also to Illuminati-Manga (And also congratulate them on their now 5th year running), as well as thanking Endless Abyss who will be helping us with Hanagata from now on.

Most importantly, enjoy the chapters!


  1. Keika Reply

    Hey guys,
    just wanted to congratulate you on the Karate releases. I really enjoy this manga. I hope you’ll take it to the end…



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