2 Year Anniversary Release.

Well, it’s our 2 year aniiversary and so we have a few chapters for release today. Sadly, there is no Peace Maker or Shibatora in this release and that saddens me! In order for Shibatora to move we need a typesetter. In order for Peace Maker to move we need a translator. Anyway what we do have today are releases for 3 projects Capeta, Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru and Hanagata. We also have an irc channel now so please visit us #deadbeat@irc.irchughway.net you can download all of the releases from there also.

First of all we have chapter 6 of Hanagata. I know that the quality isn’t the best, but, stick with us and soon we wont be using web raws. Also, this project is a joint with Chibisuke-Scans thank them for their cleaning on their site or irc.

Download Hanagata 6 Here.

We also have the return of an old project… Capeta! We’re starting from where we left of in Volume 11, we do hope to eventually close the gap and do volumes 1-10 for now though we’re picking up from the anime’s end. This was made possible by the good people Endless-Abyss so be sure to thank the E-A guys on their site or irc.

Download Capeta Volume 11 Chapter 3 Here.

Last of all we have not 1, but, 11 chapters of Kskm for your reading pleasure. We are happy to release volume 4 in it’s entirety today, that’s chapters 32-42! We have also gone back to the High Quality raws we started to use with volume 3, so no over levelled or blurred web raws. We’ve increased the resolution and you should see the difference. Anyone with a scanner who is willing to help us with scanning this please post here or pm Jazzmatazz.

Download Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru Volume 4 Here.

You can download every chapter from 1-42 from this thread here. We have chapter and volume direct downloads (no megaupload or depositfile links just actual self hosted downloads) , so if you’re trying to get a friend or someone new into the series why not link them to the post?

Also, why not stop by our forums or our irc and stay to chat! Sign up and maybe post on our forums, talk about our projects and say happy anniversary. Or even better APPLY, we need translators and typesetters most of all! We do however also need other positions.

Last of all a few people asked us in our last release about doing a joint with sugooi on Kskm, we approached them and spoke with them, however we decided as a group to decline what was offered as we did not agree to the terms that were laid out. We were interested in discussing a joint project. But not under the terms offered previously, since it was more of an absorption than a partnership. We did not agree to those terms and so it ended there, on good terms.

If there are any groups interested in this project, they are more than welcome to visit us at our forum. We look forward to working together.

That being said, we hope you enjoy our releases. Sweat and tears went into making them this awesome, so be sure to have fun reading them or I’ll (Lavos) go there and give you a wedgie. And visit our partners in crime also. Not doing so will result in another wedgie. Yes, I (Lavos) Am Evil.


  1. Kaloo Reply

    Good to see you guys are alive. I wasn’t paying attention during your January post and thought you guys re-died after December’s update.

    Also… I really need to watch Capeta some time.

  2. Lavos Reply

    That you do. Good anime 🙂

    And no, we’re not dead, not ever. We are highlanders, but we’re more than one… Legion Highlanders?

  3. dark mage Reply

    Thanks alot for the chapter. However, Sugooi is also working on this project, so perhaps a joint between your groups will be be really great as Sugooi too is doing a great job of releasing the chapters. A joint will be absolutely awesome

  4. Pares Reply

    Hey thx for ksm i like shibatora a lot too,what i dont get is that sugooi has picked ksm and now a race starts between 2 groups…

  5. Lavos Reply

    There was talk of a “joint”. The thing is that what Sugooi offered was to swallow us up. We, as a group, did not like the offer so that was that.

    A joint we would have accepted at the time, but since that was not what was offered, we declined.

  6. Jazzmatazz Reply

    @Pares honestly we’re not racing with anybody. We’re doing our best to release with the best quality and consistency that we can just as we’ve always done.

    We’re just doing our thing, we’ll go faster when we can and we do want to catch up at some point too. What other people do or don’t do is up to them, we just do our thing.

  7. WhoIndeed Reply

    Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary and thanks for another quality release.

  8. Pares Reply

    yes i know you dont started a race and if a joint is not possible i understand but i think a group should start translating a manga if no other active group is doing it i know there are lots of other cases but i still thinks its not right, anyways Many thank’s and congratulations on 2 years old

  9. Flare Reply

    Awesome, great work on your releases. I’m glad to see you back on KSKM since you originally started it =P Now, hopefully we wont have to fill the void.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Maohisith Reply

    Great ! I love Karate Minoru the most and i’m so pleaaaaaased by the all volume release ! THANKS !

  11. IvanTheChemist Reply

    I have a scanner and I’m willing to scan even buy the magazines (for my own egoistical purposes) and send you the HQ raws. My scanner is Canon MP630.

  12. chomio Reply

    Is it me or is the chapter of capeta, episode 46 of the anime? I thought that it was a continuation of the anime…

    • Jazzmatazz Reply

      Hi chomio, glad that you’re reading Capeta.

      To answer your question it’s only sort of episode 46, the anime starts to divert from the manga storyline at the start of the FSRS trials. If you look at the episode carefully you’ll see that there are differences between this chapter and the anime.

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