200th Release

Hey all,
This release is our 200th release according to Manga Updates. Nothing too special today, just that I noticed it a few days ago (so didn’t have time to prepare any ultra special release). So big thanks to all those who have made 200 chapters possible for Deadbeat-Scans.
Also, just like to say, we managed to get 100 chapters done in less than a year. I think that’s a pretty awesome achievement. About half of those would be weekly Karate as well, which is even more impressive given it’s our hardest manga to scanslate (but at the same time, it is our most popular manga). So huge thanks to the members who work on Karate for basically keeping this group alive :).

So if you haven’t realised, scanslations don’t make themself happen. You want more releases of your favourite manga? Gotta put in the effort to make it happen. Go out there and learn the trade of scanslation, it’s really not a hard thing to get the basics down.

Anyway, onto the chapters released. We’ve got a real cliffhanger in Shibatora as we conclude volume 7. In Karate we see Ryuu fight and find out who Minoru’s opponent is going to be in the first round. Lastly in Over Time, the match against the Ex-Baseball Club-san team continues.

Grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.

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