3 more chapters

Hey guys,
Good week so far. Even better now. Already saw Rookies this week, and now you guys get a chapter of Karate, Shibatora and even Capeta!
Some good chapters all around, enjoy!

Download the chapters from our Forums or jump on Irc and get the chapter there. Also be sure to head over to Endless Abyss and thank them for the work on Capeta.

Attention: Anyone who downloaded Karate 75 pretty quickly from the website unfortunately had a corrupt version. Please re-download this. If you downloaded from IRC or the volume release, it works fine


  1. T.L.M.Hax Reply

    WOW!! Thanks for more Capeta…I’m hoping releases will be out faster with Endless helping. I’ve already thanked them. Maybe we can eventually catch up to Japan in a few years. Here’s hoping. Perhaps I’m the only one who gets somewhat giddy when I see you’ve released a chapter…

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