KSKM 397

Hey guys,
Not gonna ramble on tonight, lets just get to the good stuff. We’ve got the next chapter in the fight between Takahashi and Singhsak. Also, I reckon we’ll close the maid poll soon, Michelle being the obvious clear winner! But hey, you can still vote!

KSKM 397: DDL Read Online


  1. darckchild Reply

    Thank you for the chapter. And for Takahashis personal trainer…either he’s an complete moron or i smell a smelly smell.

  2. alfred Reply

    I was *looking* at some raws of KS Monogatari and it seemed to me that Singhsak and Samart really go way back! I just wish *some group* *ahem!* would be nice enuff to translate the sequel to KSKM once this series is finished. I like the dragon ball kind mangas out there once in a while, but surely there aren’t enough GOOD martial arts like this one. Heck! I discovered KSKM by accident and I haven’t been able to stop reading it ever since!

    Once again, great work and thank you for the release!

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