50th Release, Baseball Extravaganza!

So hot on the trail of our recent releases, is the 50th release we at Deadbeat-Scans have done.
It’s been a long road from the group that started out with Rookies. Through multiple problems our group has persisted to this landmark, and while we may not be bringing you Rookies, we’re giving you some other cool baseball manga to read.

That’s right folks, our 50th release heralds the return of Hanagata with chapter 4! The awesome looking manga about the genius little league pitcher, whom after hurting his arm, cannot pitch any longer. Not willing to give up baseball, he turns his thoughts to becoming a great batter instead.

Also as part of this release… a really REALLY long time coming is Volume 1 of Over Time. I actually started this around April 2008, and had basically finished this volume around July 2008. It was set to be released last year… but never ended up happening. Through the thick and thin of the problems in our group, it’s only just now, over a year and a half since I started it (And more than a year since it’s been done!) that it’s finally getting time in the spotlight. Over Time tells the story of the genius pitcher Takami, the Hawk of Nishuu who dies in a bus accident. Unwilling to give up Baseball, his spirit clings to the unwilling Kotobuki Taro to take them both to the Koshien.

You can find both releases On our forums. Be sure to thank Chibisuke Scans for the effort they put in on Hanagata as well.

And that’s all for tonight. I hope you enjoy both our releases, and here’s looking forward to our 100th release special!


  1. Andrew Reply

    Engrish anyone? Over Time is a horrible title for something about baseball, seeing as there is no relation between the two. In the case of a tie in baseball, it’s a tie game except for in certain circumstances where a clear winner is necessary…and in that case it goes to “extra innings.” The mangaka could’ve gleaned that from a simple Google search, so much for research.

  2. admin Reply

    I’m not so sure the title is about baseball.

    I think it’s about the character getting more time on earth as a ghost, hence overtime on life rather than baseball.

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