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Hey everyone,
As the post title states, we’ve got a bit of just about everything for you today. Sadly missing from the lineup is Hanagata, but everything else we’ve got!
Yep, that’s right, we do do other projects apart from Karate and Rookies. But of course, we have chapters of them for you as well. Karate starts the new arc… some people will love it, others will hate it. I think it’s going to be quite funny, and don’t mind a bit of humour between kickass fighting. Rookies see’s the game against Sasazaki continue, Peace Maker we see a great duel in Sand Talkas, Capeta starts getting into some cart racing and Shibatora see’s Taketora continues with the current case.

Basically, a set of chapters for everyone! I hope you all enjoy.

I think now is also a good time to go through the status of each of our projects, so people know where help is needed. I’ll be brief as I know people hate hearing about this stuff, and prefer reading kick ass chapters.

For Karate, we are still in need of a translator who doesn’t need furigana and some cleaners who can redraw. We can still manage to get chapters out, but the release speed will suffer unless we get some more staff.

Shibatora I have not heard from our cleaner recently, so I think we may need a cleaner for Shibatora to make further progress. It’s a shame since for a while we were making some nice quick progress on this series.

Capeta needs cleaners, plain and simple. Which… is really a good way to describe Capeta cleaning. Other than joining double pages together (which can sometimes be an issue), there is basically no redrawing in Capeta at all. We could use a Proofreader who knows their stuff about racing and the like though, that would be really useful.

Peace Maker, all good on the Western front. For once in the time we’ve done the series, we’ve got a great reliable translator and cleaner working on it. Things are looking good for Peace Maker!

Rookies I could use some help in the cleaners department. Most of the redraws aren’t hard, they just require a bit of work to make them look reasonable. Most chapters at least have a couple of redraws.

Hanagata, the trouble maker series for now. We’ve actually got a translator who’s keen to go, but held back by cleans at the moment. We do have a cleaner working on this, but I’d rather he was working on karate! Unfortunately, both series have quite a lot of redraws, as Hanagata seems to have a lot of thinking! So a good cleaner is necessary here.

Basically, the general story is, we need cleaners! Occasionally a different position depending on what project though.

Phew, that’s basically a huge post when you go through everything like that. For those who made it (or just skipped it :(), you can find download links as always on our forums or Irc Channel. Note for IRC to get the triggers you will need to visit the Irc Triggers section of our website for triggers now, they were cluttering up our Channel Message. Be sure to thank Illuminati-Manga as well for their hard work on the latest Rookies chapter.


  1. Tomer Reply

    Great to see you guys are still working on Capeta!

    Your efforts are very much appreciated – keep up the great work!

  2. Tomer Reply

    Oh and just out of interest does this mean you will start from the beginning of the manga instead of continuing where the story differentiates from the anime?

    Anyway thanks again.

  3. someone2040 Post authorReply

    Tomer, we are doing both still. The latter parts have just stalled at the moment, as we don’t have a cleaner for that section.

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