A new joint Project

To further fulfill our quest to always be innovators and never imitators (yeh I just made that up) we have picked up another project by the name of Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru, or as we like to call it around here Karate Long name. This is a joint project with the very awesome people over at Moar Bad Scans and if you have yet to hear about them it’s because your lame enough to not read Kurosagi or Bartender.

You can grab the chapter from their irc channel #moarbadscans@irc.irchighway.net

But, even if you download it from us be sure to go and thank them at

Their Site: http://mbs.project-darkomega.com/

Their Forums: http://mbs.project-darkomega.com/forum/

For direct downloads of the series or find out more about it check this post on our forums.

If you want to discuss the series, find out more about it or apply to help us fill in the wide gulf between of 32 volumes then be sure to sign up to he forums.


  1. tilg Reply

    great work! I can’t wait for your next releases!! 😀
    and gosh, it’s 32 volumes?!~ hell…. I hope you’ll stick to this manga, coz it looks interesting!

  2. white Reply

    good luck with karate.
    shit! i didn’t know that volume 32 is out.

  3. killua-kun Reply

    Hell yeah, this series seems nice and all. I’m looking forward to more great releases ^^

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