A Very Capeta Christmas

Hi guys,
I really intended to get this out a bit sooner, given that Christmas has already come and gone in many parts of the world (including mine!), but you know, Christmas and all that! We don’t have any Karate for you all this week, but we’ve got 2 new chapters of Capeta as late gifts for all Capeta fans out there. So with those presents delivered, we’re wishing you all a Happy Holidays from the team at Deadbeat-Scans.

Capeta v8 p3: DDL Read Online
Capeta v22 p2: DDL Read Online


  1. Arnab Reply

    Thank you very much for the capeta guys. you people are awesome. And also I noticed that there is an uncanny similarity between the two chapters. In both the races, capeta is in 2nd place. At haruna, he climbed up from last and in motegi,he is holding 2nd place from the start. Both chapters end with cliff hangers about taira making a move. Everyone knows what happened at haruna, let’s see what happens here

    • cmertb Reply

      I guess that’s how you find out the mangaka keeps using the same storytelling device over and over.

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