Capeta Returns!

Yep, we’ve got a sweet new chapter of Capeta for you racing fans today. This is part of the later volumes, so those who have seen the anime will surely enjoy it. For those of you that haven’t, we need a jap-eng translator for the early chapters of the series. We could also use a good proofreader for the series, who has knowledge of motor sports. Would really help out, as we have no idea, Just love Capeta!

As always, we’ve got your weekly dose of Karate as well. This chapter see’s Ryuu Oosugi and Teranishi fight come to completion! It’s pretty awesome, so go grab it now.

Grab the latest chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel. Also, be sure to thank Endless Abyss for their work on Capeta.


  1. T.L.M. Hax Reply

    Finally!! Thank you sooo much. I’m always on the lookout for the next Capeta chapter. How I wish I knew anything about scanlation (or had the time) to help release this faster. As it is, thanks for taking this project on. It’s a shame it took so long considering how good the anime was. Here’s hoping for more releases soon!

  2. Waffle Reply

    Man i lookd for Capeta for a while after watching the anime, but there was nothing, im glad someone took it over just found the webpage in bakaupdates. Thank you very much!

  3. boosiv Reply

    I want more KSKM, plsssssss there are 40 volumes… and I have seen RAW’s with pretty good quality, can’t you just do a speed cleaning???
    and release 2 chapters or more a week? I have downloaded until v11, but I stopped because I can’t read Japanase…
    it sucks just see the fights, and don’t know why are they fighting, what they are thinking ect… but I understand if you can’t… I thank you for releasing 1 for week, pls don’t stop, keep on going 😉

    can’t wait for the newest chapter

  4. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Honestly, you can’t even tell when a week flies by when you’re working on it. But that’s just as a typesetter, cleaners have to deal with tons of redraws.

    Karate would be so much easier to work with if there weren’t at least 6-8 redraws every chapter. If anything, that’s why we can’t actually release 2 chapters a week. That and we need more staff to be able to pump out chapters like that! o_O

  5. cmertb Reply

    We’d be happy to release more than one chapter per week if we could just GET MORE CLEANERS/REDRAWERS. Apply people, or don’t complain.

  6. GoCartLover Reply

    I love you guys for working on this manga. I fell in love with the anime, but when it abruptly ended i died a little inside. Now 4 years later i have found that you guys have been working on becoming my favorite people by scanlating this. I love you guys. Also I will be up for cleaning! I haven’t cleaned manga before, but I am very proficient in photoshop and know how to clean my own drawings. I am going to look how to apply now…:)

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