Capeta v09 p2

Hey racing fans,
It’s been a while amongst the flurry of KSM releases, but we’ve got a new Capeta chapter for you all. Again, it’s part of the gap, so if you’ve seen the anime nothing new but it’s Capeta none the less! Enjoy!

Capeta v09 Part 2: DDL | Read Online


  1. DJ Reply

    It’s not the latest! Why volume 9? It’s already Vol24! So sad. The hype vanished 🙁 thought im gonna read the latest ;(

  2. Dave Reply

    DJ, don’t be an ingrate.

    Thank you all for the continued effort on Capeta!

  3. lili Reply

    I am also one of those who are very grateful for all your work on Capeta. I loved it ever since I saw the anime and it was very frustrating not to have complete scans. Though egoistical part of me is screaming “Please more frequent releases!” I am ecstatic to be getting them at all. So please, please hang in there and keep it up whenever you can!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you very much!!!

  4. Cello Reply

    I’m just here to thank you for filling the gap, even if slowly. I never watched the anime and I also decided to wait for volumes 9 and 10 so that I can read the rest. It’s been a fun ride, keep doing a great job!

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