Capeta v11 c04… at laaaast

We don’t usually do things in ones but this chapter was a long time coming so it’s an exception. Without much more ado I present Capeta Volume 11 Chapter 4 the last chapter of the volume. And I state from the outset, that it is mostly my fault and for that I apologise. Hopefully, life wont get in my way again.

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  1. Azula Reply

    What chapter number is this? Volume 11 is too much.
    Why not do things in order?
    Vol. Chapter 4, perhaps…?

  2. someone2040 Reply

    I’m not sure I understand Azula.
    Volume 11 is where the anime stopped, which is why we have originally started from this point (to give anime fans the next step into Capeta).
    We are doing the early chapters as well, hoping to bridge the gap eventually so all can enjoy the manga.

  3. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    I think what he/she wants to ask is why are the volume chapters numbered like this.

    Here’s the reason why it’s volume 11, chapter 4: originally, you can’t tell which chapter is which, as the volume is a whole, no page breaks, no nothing to tell where a chapter ends and another starts. So Deadbeat did this instead: break the volume in 3-4 parts and name the parts chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

    So what Azula didn’t understand is that this is chapter 4 of volume 11, the last part of the volume. It isn’t chapter 4 of the whole story, it’s chapter 4 of this particular volume.

  4. someone2040 Reply

    Ahh I see.
    The problem with Capeta is, it’s not really split into chapters. Also, we started at volume 11, which is in the middle of the story, it was impossible (other than going through every volume, figuring out how many parts to each volume) to find the exact chapter number.

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