Capeta v13 Part 1

Hey racing fans, got a great new chapter of Capeta for you guys! It’s been a while, but finally E-A managed to find a new translator for this great series! So if you ever see the translator hanging out on their channel, be sure to give him the thumbs up for translating Capeta!

Grab the new chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel.

Also, our bot is working again now. So the last few weeks releases have been uploaded to it.


  1. BlubbsdieKatze Reply

    hi guys
    I find it really great that you updatet and I think that manga is really great. but thats the reason I’m also a little bit miffled… there is such a large part missig from the whole manga, why’s that?
    love you guys

  2. Rezina Reply

    Capeta is one of my favorite series!! Thanks for the release!!!

  3. T.L.M. Hax Reply

    Wow!!! I almost overlooked this release. I’m happy you found a translator and hopefully we can get more regular releases. Thanks for sticking with this project. In regards to Blubbsdiekatze, the reason there is a gap is because the anime covered the first 11 chapters before deviating. Watch the anime as it is so much better animated

  4. cmertb Reply

    Only DB is working on earlier volumes already covered by the anime. The new Capeta translator is from EA, so he only works on the later chapters that are a joint project between our groups. If you want earlier volumes scanlated, DB will need another translator for them.

  5. BlubbsdieKatze Reply

    Unfortunately I can’t translate, but if you find someone it would be so great (I can only offer to help with editing or something)
    sweet dreams

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