Capeta v18 Part 4

Hey all,
More Capeta for the race fans. This sees the end of volume 18, and sees the races begin again! It’s going to be an exciting volume 19, and we hope we can deliver to you.
KSKM is on a little bit of a hiatus as the translator isn’t feeling too into it at the moment. Give him your love, and encourage him to get translating again! Only 199 chapters left after all…

Capeta v18 p4: DDL Read Online
Capeta v18: DDL

cmertb edit: Fine, fine, I’ll kick off a chapter or two of KSKM today. Let’s pretend it’s not futile.


  1. lolman Reply

    CAPETAAAAAAAAA \o/ Thank you guys!!!

    It’s just a vacation. I have sure that cmertb-senpai will return in the right time. 🙂

  2. Dave Reply

    Man, this series got me into cars more than Top Gear ever did. Thanks for picking it up and continuing with your quality work!

    Best wishes to the KSKM translator.

  3. Cjjb95 Reply

    Dudes seriously, I just caught up with Karate about two weeks ago, you can’t leave it for too long, my mind will freakin break, I NEED TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, I love the chapters that are coming out and I caught up in about weeks, seriously guys please don’t make me wait for this the relationship of these two characters is something I’ve loved since it was first introduced. I CAN’T WAIT ANOTHER WEEK DAMMIT!!!

  4. Cloudqw Reply

    capeta is here again!!!!!!

    am so happy!!!!!

    thanks for your work!!!!!

    i need to see how is gonna end this race!!!!

    keep your good work guys!!!!

  5. Larry Reply

    Karate built up great momentum and a loyal fan base. Such a waste to let it slip. Hope translator-san feels back into it soon!

  6. dHEKU Reply


  7. Xavier Reply

    As someone who is learning japanese (basic level still), I know it is a lot of work translating KSKM. This is one of my favourite manga ever, and I’m really glad you guys are up for this challenge. Please! Keep going! We still have to see KSKM to the end…so that we can start Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari 🙂

  8. Egonemesis Reply

    As translator you may have such a hard time, but you really got to think this. There’s many people out there waiting to read KSKM and they sure enjoy your job.
    I really appreciate your time doing this, keep doing your very best as you’ve been doing.

  9. Felipe Reply

    more karate please!!! i know that it can be a lot of work for you to translate it, but please don’t stop know. I’m from Brasil and i really appreciate your work. thank you for doing it.

  10. kennelfm Reply

    Taira’s back! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
    Thx for this, amazing work!!!
    Can’t wait for the next.

    • cmertb Reply

      I have a problem with Montage. No one ever talks about it. The sense of futility is especially strong in that one.

      • mangapaagal Reply

        well i guess, that’s true, even i don’t go discuss montage on net either,
        who knows, after 200 chapters, it may get 8 more follower, just kidding.

        remember there are 861 people following montage on batoto. if you consider that atleast half of them do not unfollow after giving up, even then about 430 people do like it and are waiting for it(atleast one of them is)
        and as plot progresses they will talk about it. just in various places you may never know about

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