Capeta v19 part 2

Hey guys,
More racing manga for you today! We’re starting to churn out these Capeta latter releases at a fast pace. Lets see if Capeta can keep up with us! Hope you all are enjoying this series, and if you don’t read it, give it a shot (Keeping in mind that there’s a gap that needs to be bridged by the anime).

Capeta v19 p2: DDL Read Online


  1. Saurabh Bagade Reply

    Keep up the good work guys! At this rate you can finish the manga in a year! !

  2. kennelfm Reply

    Nothing better than open the site and see Capeta on the top.
    Thank’s for that!!! o/

  3. layfon Reply

    Every chapter of Capeta you guys release always makes me cry because it makes so happy! I always hit the feels when Capeta has to overcome a new road block in his career

  4. Anon Reply

    Thanks Alot. 13th u gave me my bday gift.
    u made my day

  5. NEERAJ Reply

    Awesome work guys ! Please release the next chapter soon I can’t wait !

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