Capeta v19 part 4

Hey all,
Here’s the Capeta that most of you have been waiting for! That’s right, more later volume chapters of Capeta for you, and this one finishes off volume 19 for us all. Looks like things will get interesting in the next volume, can’t wait to find out. But for now, here’s the last part of volume 19.

Capeta v19 p4: DDL Read Online
Capeta v19: DDL


  1. Cloudqw Reply

    am so happy!!!

    thanks for “capeita” =P


    keep it up

  2. Addya Reply

    Awesome guys!!!! Appreciate your hard work

    keep this up…. thank you!!!

  3. bomber Reply

    Thanks again guys! Love your work, always been wanting more Capeta chapters!

  4. Kaitonic Reply

    Thanks a lot for releasing all these new chapters these 2 months since this manga is definitely one of the best one i read and it was very slow before about less than a volume for a whole year….

  5. Phat008 Reply

    Thank you for continuing the releases of capeta! Take care and keep up the awesome work:)

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