Capeta v22 p4

And it’s time for another chapter of Capeta, one that concludes volume 22. Not much to say this time, other than Capeta’s future is decided, in a way. You’ll have to read the chapter to find out.

On another note, fans of KSKM/Karate may have noticed the lack of any chapters for a few weeks now and, as stated in the FAQ, it’s usually because everyone or someone is very busy. And that’s why someone2040 asked me to release instead of him (I bet you didn’t even check to see who does things, you just want your chapter, right?). That being said, don’t expect a chapter for another week or two. Sorry ’bout that.

Capeta v22 p4: DDL | Read Online

Capeta volume 22: DDL


  1. Ethan Reply

    Thank you so much for your passion and time on capeta. Its probably one of the best mangas of a character being groomed from start to finish.

    Great story and art.

  2. Simpleposter Reply

    Thanks for Capeta. Just so you know I always notice who releases the chapters.

  3. alex w Reply

    on the note of KSKM/Karate dont worry! we understand and appreciatte your effort, thank you for your great work!

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