Capeta v24 part 1

Hey racing fans,
We’ve got another epic chapter for you today. It may not be cram packed full of driving action, but it’s the type of chapter that gets me pumped for the next big race! Be sure not to miss out on this awesome chapter.

Capeta v24 p1: DDL


  1. Randall Reply

    Thank You so much for releasing a new Capeta! It’s greatly appreciated!!!! Can’t wait for more!

  2. Capetaislove Reply

    Thanks for all the effort till now. I k ow its been really difficult. But its been long time now for us as well. . 2 and half month. @Someone2040- come on now with the next capeta chapter..someone help the scanlators. This is fucked up. Just a little bit. Very less volumes are left. I wish you get all the necessary people/resources required for translation and verification.

  3. Ethan Reply

    Thanks a lot guys! This series is unbelievably good and needs to be continued!

    Keep up the great work everyone!!!

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