Capeta v4 Part 2

Hey all,
Been a while since we had some Capeta. Today we’ve got an early volume chapter for you all. We still need to work out issues with the raws in the later volumes, so there’ll probably be a bit of a focus on the early Capeta chapters for a little while.

Go grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel


  1. martial-arts-otaku Reply

    Hey, just wondering how come it’s taking so long for KSKM to get updated?

  2. crazy_horse Reply

    Various real-life problems the staff members have been having lately.

  3. martial-arts-otaku Reply

    Ah ok thanks for clearing that up. Oh and sorry if I sounded a little disrespectful there.

  4. crazy_horse Reply

    I didn’t think it was, don’t worry. As for more KSKM chapters, the cleaner finally has a little more spare time, so more may come soon, we hope.

    I should’ve let someone2040, cmertb or kyuubi654 answer the question, but they weren’t available at the time.

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