Capeta v5 part 1 and Himizu 31

Hey all,
To the Karate fans. Don’t worry your cries have been heard. There’ll be more around this in the next Karate release.

Today we’ve got new Capeta and Himizu chapters. You can get them from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. Mutou Reply

    Thank you for the mangas here, AND THANK YOU SO MUCH TO HEAR OUR BITCHES CRYING, WE LOVE YOU ALL! <3

  2. That1Guy Reply

    Thanks for the chapter of Himizu. I love how you post the adult content warning at the end of the chapter lol. Makes it kind of pointless.

  3. That1Guy Reply

    Oh, also thanks for considering my request to pick up Saruchinesu last week. I know of the constraints groups have when it comes to workload so I completely understand. Even if that series is half as good as Furuya’s other works I wouldn’t be disappointed. I’ll patiently wait, but, until then, I’ll enjoy Himizu. Thanks again šŸ™‚

  4. Dai Reply

    Just want to add that for me, Karate is the best manga I have been following. The humor, the always intresting fights and the characters, can”t get enough of it.

    Checking every day if a new chapter is out and its the only mange I jump high over for comming out šŸ™‚

  5. crazy_horse Reply

    @That1Guy: ………………………….Well…. Didn’t think that one through, did I? Mistakes were made, I have so much I wish I could change in all of the other chapters…. Too late now, isn’t it?

  6. g_g Reply

    thx for Himizu!!

    I’m lucky to have found this manga recently, now that you guys took the series, it must have been a tough wait for those who started reading it two or three years ago (and even more).

    Great job, guys!!

  7. Alpherg Reply

    Himizu is an interesting weird manga. Thanks for translating it.

  8. chakra Reply

    Thank YOU so much for hearing our cries, bitching and begging^^ I hope you’ll release all chapters of KSKM^^ l<3ve YOU!^^

  9. Fede Reply

    Pleeease dont stop with karate!!! i know is really hard..but the job ..issss perfect and i love every chapter!!!


  10. happy Reply

    Wow that Himizu chapter was unexpected – I thought I had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen and here you go. I love it when my expectations get sidestepped like this, that’s what makes a work interesting.

  11. quasar Reply

    Thanks, glad the karate lurkers came out in force to recognize the work you do!

  12. koonal Reply

    sir if you want the raw file of this project then i can give you all the 50 volume…..and pls don’t abandon this manga..thanks.Koonal.

  13. suresh Reply

    capeta has released upto vol.32. why haven’t you guys have translated it please release as many as possible soon

  14. crazy_horse Reply

    Well… About Capeta… We were supposed to announce that we need a translator to continue the project, but I doubt many read comments on the site, so I can at least answer your question.

    Capeta is indeed finished in Japan. If we find a translator who can output at least a volume a month, we would release a chapter weekly and we would finish this earlier than expected.

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