Capeta v5 Part 2, KSKM 237, Montage 12 + Important Capeta News

Hi all,
This could perhaps be a very sad day. Capeta fans will likely have noticed the decreased amount of releases we’ve had on the series. Capeta has always been a bit topsy turvy in terms of activity, but we haven’t had a release out in a while now. Essentially the problem has been two fold. Originally with the later chapters, the raws for volume 17 and 18 are pretty bad. When I recently went to Japan, I purchased these raws, but haven’t had the opportunity to scan them in yet. But overall we probably lost a bit of ground while we were deciding what to do, and more ground since I haven’t found the time to scan in the new raws.
The second and now most critical problem is, that Masa has not had much free time, and sadly has decided to drop the Capeta project. This means we are without a translator.

If we do not find a new translator for the series, Capeta will have to be dropped! And that’s just a bit sad unfortunately. The manga that has enough of a following in Japan to spawn an anime, yet doesn’t seem to be too popular with the readers. Anyway, if you’re a capable translator and want to see the series continue, please apply for the position in the Recruitment Section of our forums. We’d really like to continue the series, but without a translator that cannot happen.

As for our other series, we’ve got new chapters of Karate and Montage as well today. So grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel and here’s hoping this isn’t our last release of Capeta.


  1. shaolinherbalist Reply

    I can understand why some of the readers doesnt like Capeta, it would make for such an awesome anime though. I get the Initial D feeling with newer technology availible, Capeta would be frigging epicly done if made into an anime.. Hope you guys find a translator for Capeta cause its awesome manga.. Thank you for release of Kohinata

  2. lolman Reply

    Thank you for Karate & Montage!! πŸ˜€

    NOOOOOOOO ~~~ CAPETAAAAAAAAAAA. Why my favorite DB-S project T_T. Oh well, I will not lose hope! I believe that you will find a capable translator *___*

  3. AceHuertas Reply

    AWESOME ! another chapter of KSKM !
    Thanks for the chapter ! You wouldn’t believe how happy i am each time you release a new one ! πŸ™‚

    PS : Ippo vs Minoru, Takamura vs Mutou, Aoki vs Hayama and Kimura vs Mamiya.
    That my friends would be an EPIC match up !

  4. Kelly Reply

    Thank you very much for the new chapter! <3

    Hope you find a translator – best of luck!

  5. Enjeru-San Reply

    Thanks for KSKM…and im sorry for the having trouble with “Capeta”, i hope someone help you so it stays active, GOOD LUCK! OSU!

  6. leonearmato Reply

    Thank you for Montage. I really appreciate your work on this manga πŸ˜€

  7. Sofia Reply

    Aha, birthday karate for me! Thank you!

    Sorry to hear about Capeta, although I’ve never read it myself, I’m sure it can be really difficult to keep going with all the projects… Hope you find someone soon.

  8. crazy_horse Reply

    Happy Birthday then. We too hope that we find someone. It would help if those who read the series spread the word, but alas, such is life. >_>

  9. luffy schatz Reply

    i’ve recently started reading capeta and what can i say, i really love it that’s why it saddened me that it’s not as popular as the other shounen, sports manga… i really love the plot…

    i hope you’ll find a translator for it… please don’t drop capeta because you lack of translator… can’t wait to read your next release πŸ™‚

  10. cmertb Reply

    Well, we’re not technically dropping it. But we certainly aren’t going to release any more chapters unless someone translates them for us.

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