Capeta v6 p2

Hey all,
More Capeta all the time! This time we’re releasing an early part chapter. Big thanks to Marcio, who is our translator for these early chapters. Lots of reasons to enjoy being a racing fan, as you can catch up on Capetas carting days in the early releases and his formula racing in the later ones.

Capeta v6 p2: DDL Read Online


  1. ChrisWeng Reply

    Aarghh… What a disillusion i felt when it wasn’t the 4th part of the latest of your translations ;(

  2. bububu Reply

    I appreciate since I’m waiting for the gap to be filled.

    Thanks again! 😀

  3. NEERAJ Reply

    When are you going to post the 4 chap of vol 19 I can’t wait ! Please post it asap !

  4. manoj Reply

    this anime is greatest turning point in my life ,thank you capeta for being with me from childhood…..i really hope the anime starts again

  5. Phat008 Reply

    Thank you for continuing the releases of capeta! Take care and keep up the awesome work:)

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