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This is more of an update post than anything else. I’m sure that some of the more astute among you will have realised that we’ve changed our site layout and what have you. There are many small changes, with I guess two main changes.

First of all an up to date projects page which includes direct downloads to previously released chapters or volumes. This simple means you will not have to go to the forum in order to download previous releases, we hope that it makes things easier for people who are enjoying our series. As per usual these are direct downloads hosted on our server no depositfile, megaupload, uploading, rapidshare or any other annoying public download service. All fast reliable one click direct downloads.

The second major change is we have added a donations button/page. Why? You ask. Well, it’s quite simple in order to pay for all of the raws we need to buy and send. We’re not asking for money to pay for our server or our hosting. It’s simply to cover the purchase of the significant amount of volumes we need to buy. Below I shall list all of the volumes that we will need to buy.

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru Volumes 6-38

Peace Maker Volumes 2-4 (we have a translator for this now, just no good raws)

Hanagata 2 – 16

As you can see it’s a lot, I plan to buy all of the volumes from Book Off so they will be cheaper due to them being second hand. Instead of paying up to 600 yen for a single volume the cost will only be 350 yen a penny saved is a penny earned after all. Our priority is to try and get ALL of the current Kskm volumes, this is because we do aim to catch up to Japan and we aim to do so in good quality. However, having any time wasted hanging about waiting for raws is in no way efficient. The more staff we get and the more raws we have the better.

Peace Maker is also a high priority since the project has not moved for so long and when it did move it was dead slow. We want to try and pick up releases and we want to step away from using the low quality magazine raws. Since there are only 3 volumes to buy the cost is not that high only 1050 yen.

Hanagata is lower on the list these volumes can be acquired a couple at a time.

We have scanners in a few locations Canada, America, Switzerland. So the purchased books will need to be sent to these locations, it is of course cheaper to send more books in one go as opposed to multiple small package sending. I would like to send roughly around 15 books each time (maybe more maybe less).

In order to keep our costs as transparent as is possible as soon as we have all of the books we need, the donate button will mysteriously vanish! We don’t need ongoing donations since as I said this is only to cover the cost of purchasing the volumes we need, we’re currently in a position where we work on 3 series with no good raws online.

Also, please feel free to use this site: to check the cost of postage for yourselves. The total I came up with for sending everything was 11,800 yen. That’s with each book weighing 150grams and sending from Kanagawa.

The cost for all of the volumes we need is 17,500 yen. Which when you add in postage is a grand total of 29,300 yen.

As you donate if you are a fan of a specific series and want your money to go to the purchase of volumes for that series and that series only, please say so below. Hopefully, I’ve made things clear enough. If not let me simplify, we need raws for our series and it’s going to cost  too much money for me to be able to cover it as I have  done in the past.


    • Jazzmatazz Reply

      Hello Hidan.

      For half of volume 3 and all of volumes 4+ we have been using our own scanned raws. Please feel free to compare the quality of the pages from the web raws to the pages of our own scans. The raws you have linked to are all at a lower resolution, many of the pages have already been overlevelled and are too black destroying some of the grey shades and details in the drawing. A lot of the pages also have a blur effect going on and are not clear and crisp like that should be. You can get Medium Quality scanlations out of them at best. We’re aiming for High Quality from now all the way until we catch up to Japan.

  1. Hidan Reply

    Understood. I’ve just gave a looking on the raw, and it seemed good, I’ve not checked if they were HQ or not, I thought you want some acceptable raw. If this is so, I can only wish you good luck and say thank you for your work, and hope that you complete the scanlation. Thanks again.

  2. guava91011 Reply

    Hey Jazzmatazz

    So far the stuff you guys have done for “Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru” is great. Now regarding the donations for the books, you can download the raws online at:

    They go up to Vol. 29. Is there a reason why you can’t just download the raws, and then edit them directly?


  3. guava91011 Reply

    I’ll also like to add, they are quite decent in quality. As if they’ve been edited as well.

  4. kyuubi654 Reply

    Well guava91011, if you take a look at Jazz’s first post here you’ll also get your answer.

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