I think we are overdue for a FAQ in this group. So far only one question came to mind, but if you have any other questions, please ask them in the comments to this post. If we see certain questions repeat, they will be added to this FAQ.

Q. When is the next <insert manga title> release?

A. While your concern is understandable, without knowing how scanlation works in general, you are inadvertently asking a stupid question and thereby annoying scanlators.

You might already know that scanlation work is entirely voluntary. If you look at credit pages, you might also know that the scanlation process of a single manga chapter, with rare exceptions, involves numerous people (usually four in our group, but can sometimes be higher). It is very unlikely that you know this, but you should also be aware that the scanlation process is almost entirely sequential.

What are the implications here?

  1. There is no capability to make anyone do their work. All of scanlation runs on promises, spoken or unspoken. Like with any other human endeavor, it is a very shaky foundation. As you might know from your own experience, there are more promises broken than kept. Therefore, the status of any release is always “waiting on someone to do what they’re supposed to do”.
  2. Because the process is sequential and involves multiple people, you are not waiting on a single individual to finish up their stuff before a release can take place. You are waiting on a single individual before other people can even start working on their part. In effect, you are waiting on each member in turn. If the translator isn’t feeling motivated, the most you can do is clean the chapter and wait for the translation. But even that is unlikely, because if you don’t have faith that the translator will eventually do his part, you would be unwilling to waste effort cleaning a chapter that might never get translated. So in the end, other team members are sitting there twiddling their thumbs, getting demotivated, and leaving. Now imagine the translator finally gets around to completing his work, and you have cleans and translation. Now the typesetter must put them together. But:
    1. Maybe the typesetter got tired of waiting and left the group by then, and a new typesetter needs to be found.
    2. Maybe the typesetter is now busy. He spent 2 months waiting for the translation, and when it’s ready, he can’t work on it. So the waiting game begins anew.
    3. Meanwhile, the translator, seeing that his work isn’t getting released and is basically going to waste, also grows disinterested and leaves… There we go, dead project.

And this is when some leecher pipes up with this brilliant question. What can I tell you? The release is waiting on someone. That someone isn’t going to answer your question because he isn’t answering his group’s questions either. Whoever in the group will answer can only say “I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE. Whenever that guy does his part.” But even if that guy does his part, there is still the next guy after him who will need to do his part. So the only time when the question of “when the next release is going to be” can be answered is about one day before the release takes place. I hope you can see now why you’re being annoying when you ask about this.

If you really want an answer, then at least ask “What is the next release waiting on?” That can be answered easily. However, it is unlikely that we would provide that info because why would we throw a team member under the bus?

You can even ask if there is anything you can do in order to move the project from the point it’s currently stuck in (chances are there is nothing you can do, but you can still try and show some concern).


Q. Why is there a gap in Capeta scanlations?
A. Currently, as of Feb 2019, volumes 1-8 are scanlated, the gap is volumes 9-10, and volumes 11-23 are also scanlated out of the total of 32 volumes.

Here’s the story: The Capeta scanlation project was started by the fans of the Capeta anime. The anime very closely covers volumes 1-11, and diverges at the very end to create some kind of a conclusion. Naturally, people wanted to continue where the anime left off, so the scanlation started at volume 11 and has progressed to the start of volume 24 as of the date of this writing.

In parallel, other people felt that the manga should be scanlated from the very beginning, started scanlating from volume 1, and as of the date of this writing have progressed to the start of volume 9.

Currently, we are working on both “early” chapters, in order to fill the gap, and “later” chapters, in order to advance the story. As of the last update, all chapters in the “gap” have been translated, they’re just waiting for cleans and typeset. If you can edit manga, please apply to help fill this gap.

However, we don’t consider this a hindrance to the readers because you can always watch the anime and then pick up the manga at volume 11.


  1. Jandy Llaguno Reply

    How can I reach you guys? A Japanese friend of mine sent me these Capeta raws (Vol 23-27) and just wondering if these may help.

  2. Rotty Reply

    Hey Capeta Team A Big Thanks for Translating Capeta Manga in English and Uploading for us…Sorry to say this But in Capeta Part I link Volumes 1, 9, 10 are Missing…So, I request you to Please Upload Volumes 1, 9,10 Zip Files in Capeta Part I Link…Thank You

  3. Randall Reply

    Pretty please finish our Capeta. Let me know what I can do to assist in making this happe

      • ratherSimple Reply

        I can’t understand Japanese but I’ll be happy to help you guys out! Is there any job which I can learn that will be of help to you guys? I really want to see the ending!

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