First release!

Witness the birth of Deadbeat-Scans!

And we come bearing gifts:

Rookies Volume 06 Chapter 55 – Mediafire| Sendspace

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Expect more from us in the next few days. Much much more!! MWHAHAHAHAHAcoughcough… yeah…


  1. Toni Reply

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG yeseeseseses !!! thank you !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jon Reply

    THANK U VERY MUCH. i’ve been waiting for ages for someone to pick up this project. thanx again

  3. basejump Reply

    Guys you made a lil dream of mine come true.
    If your gonna translate this manga I’ll kiss ya feets.
    I’m waiting for years for somebody to scanlate this manga, that imo is ZOMG^32213213^2132131 times better then all the other new crap that is out there.

    Keep going and dont die on me.

    With best regards “one fan”

  4. mibu_tenma Reply

    Awesome that its being scanned again.
    Thank You!!!
    Good to the another one of the real good quality Weekly Shonen Jump titles are being scanned again. Wish his other series Rokudenashi Blues was as well.

    I wish other good Jump series like Jigoku Sensei Nube,Hareluya II Boy,and Sakigake Otojuku etc… classic series.Were scanned as well.
    Forget all these newer watered down Jump series.

  5. Kevin Reply

    Thank you guys soooooo much for picking Peace Maker up for translation!! I subscribe to Ultra Jump but do not read Japanese and I absolutely love this series!! It seemed like scimi had stoped at chapter 4 and I was very sad about it, but now all is well thanks to you guys!!
    I absolutely love you guys! Now I just wish somebody would bring other Ultra Jump stories up to date as well like Agharta or Heaven’s Prison,
    thanks again……

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