Forums Down… I repeat…

*EDIT: Forums fixed. Go, post, join, learn Japanese and after you have mastered it in 2 months come join us… or just go and post and live happy lives… whatever, it’s not like I care… *runs off crying*

…Forums down!!

At this stage I can honestly say that I’m not so sure why all I know is that they are and by gum we’ll do our darndest to get it fixed (I say we… I mean the miracle man who can… aka Lavos). In the meantime those who were thinking of applying or in the process of applying please get me via email and especially Kei who I’m hopinh upon hope is reading this please email me so we can carry on with the things we had discussed via pm.

Anticipate greatly the return of the forums because that will also mean… Releases!! Yaaaay


p.s. I thought I should bold this again for emphasis “Anyone wishing to contact us or apply to join and most especially KEI who just joined please email me here”

-end message


  1. Jazzmatazz Reply

    I think we should all cheer him on and offer him womens and cash monies for a swift completion of the given task.

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