Cleaner Application

Cleaner Application

Postby nvrbnacmp » Tue Oct 26, 2010 1:35 pm

Name: [Insert name]
Position of interest:Cleaner
Project of interest: Rookies, anything else
Experience: [been with one group a couple of years ago, did around 5 chapters i think, and didn't have time anymore, been out of practice since then]
Reason why: [loved to read mangascans, figure maybe i can help even just a bit, and would be a good practice using PS]

here's the first test.. (i don't know how to do the redraw on the lower panel, sorry..)

Spoiler! :

will do the others and update later on..
or if you prefer i do it ll then post, then i will, please tell me if so..
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Re: Cleaner Application

Postby someone2040 » Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:35 am

Hi mate,
To be honest, redrawing the bottom section isn't too hard. You use the other eye to guage the shape of the cut off eye. Similar thing with the mouth.
Then you just have to figure out how to do the jaw line and use the clone stamp tool to make sure the shadows look nice.
Give it a shot I reckon, it shouldn't be too hard with the line tool and clone stamp tool.

But yeah, I would definately suggest giving all the pages a shot and see what you can do. It helps me because I'll know which chapters you should be able to handle, and others which may have too hard redraws in it.

Luckily, Rookies isn't generally as hard as Karate to redraw. And the chapters span from no redraws to quite a few.

I'll contact you soon, as we can definately use the help :). In the meantime, just plug away at that test and see what you can do.
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