Cleaner/Typesetter application

Cleaner/Typesetter application

Postby BlackWings » Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:58 am

Name: Remus / BlackWings
Position of interest: Cleaner/Typesetter
Project of interest: Anything
Experience: Worked before on 4 projects with easygoingscans, mostly manhwa, and other experience on shinobifansub, another 2 projects.
Reason why: I want to give this group a hand, since I respect you releasing one of my favorite mangas, peace maker, I wish to help you out, i know that you don't really require a typesetter/cleaner at the moment, but im applying for a future position or perhaps, an insurance.

P.S: I can do both typesetting and cleaning, except for hard redraws which I really hate; oh and if you are in need of a website designer/forum scripter, im your man.

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