Going on Holidays, Woot!

Hey all,
Starting mid next week, I’m going on Holidays! Hurrah! I’m going to Japan, and it’s going to be awesome. If only for the fact that it’s my first time overseas, but also because it’s Japan, you know, that place where all the manga comes out of.

Anyway, I figured I’d let you readers know, probably expect a few delays in regards to chapters being released. We’re trying our hardest to get a backlog of chapters before I leave (Since I QC nearly everything), but we’ll see how we go before I leave. Karate is obviously a huge problem to get ahead with, because of the amount of effort required. So you cleaners out there, apply on the forums if you want to see faster releases!

Edit: There was a small server issue. Seems to be fine now. If it persists, just get the chapter off IRC or try again later.
Anyway, now that I’ve been through that. This week we’ve got your weekly Karate like usual. You can find it on the Forums or on the Irc Channel.


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