Half Way Point

Hi all,
Today marks a pretty important release for us at Deadbeat-Scans. It’s the half way point on our most popular manga, Karate! That’s right, we’re 250 chapters in. That’s a bloody huge amount! And we’re only half way!
So we’ve got 250 chapters to go. At the current time, we’re going 1 a week due to business of the translator. You guys want faster releases? Send a seinen translator our way to help out cmertb. Maybe instead of 5 years, we can get it down to 2 before the end of the series. All up to other like minded individuals like us who are willing to put their time on the line.

Additionally today we’ve got another new release for Himizu. We’re heading towards the conclusion of this manga, only 4 more chapters left in this awesome manga.

Grab our releases using the links below, or check us out on Irc

Himizu 39: DDL Read Online
KSKM 250: DDL Read Online


  1. that1guy Reply

    Thanks for another chapter of himizu! Once you get a foot or more of snow dumped on you each month, you’ll eat those words of wishing for it. I fucking hate Wisconsin so bad…

  2. AceHuertas Reply

    I laughed so hard with this chapter ! Thank you guys, you made my day ! 🙂

  3. Elliot Reply

    I just dont know how Himizu is going to end. there’s a few threads that haven’t been tied up and i just hope the ending is good.

  4. Sofia Reply

    Half way, woohoo! Thank you.

    Think I may give Himizu a try too, hadn’t realised it was by Ciguatera’s mangaka

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