Hanagata Chapter 5

You know as a group we seem to be stuck on sports and Baseball especially, I should state for the record that I am not a huge fan of the sport or sports series in general. I went to one baseball match when I holidayed in the US and I was so bored it caused me real and actual physical pain! However, a good manga is a good manga. Rookies which brought us together is just an awesome Baseball series and I believe that this will develop into something similar, there is a lot more to come. (Kskm is technically a sports series, in actuality it’s just a slice of pure awesome with a side of badass).

Today we have the release of Hangata Chapter 5 Direct Download can be found HERE.

Go visit Chibisuke on their site to say thanks also

We are of course still hiring as we are in need of translators and editors/cleaners.


  1. d.l Reply

    Wow! thanks. Been waiting for this. Btw, are you guys going to join with Chibisuke Scan on another projects too? Like Area no Kishi, or Over Drive? I’m a sports manga fans, once again thank you very much.

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