It’s always nice to get a few releases out in a short period of time and it’s been a while since we’ve done so. Well, only a small release today namely one chapter of Hangata. We are chugging along with this series I’m hoping once we have done a bit more people will be able to see it’s greatness and what not. We would chug faster if more people applied.

Edit: I totally messed up with including the wrong credits page and one or two other bits, updated the download link with all of the correct stuffs inluded.

Chapter 3 is available to download from our forums here.

Also, let us not forget the joint partners on this project Chibisuke-Scans and express your gratitude. Or apply seeing as they need the hands!

Lastly, did I mention we are hiring and need translators, editors, cleaners and typesetters with a burning desperation?


  1. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks a lot for the release! This seems to be an awesome series (kinda hard to tell after only 3 chapters) so your efforts are very much appreciated!

  2. Kevin Reply

    Could you please include the date of these postings? Reading it I have no Idea if I am looking at a 6 months old posting or a most recent. Thank you!
    Still waiting for Peace Maker…

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