Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! (or perhaps, still not quite the New Year as our wordpress seems to think)
Welcome to 2012, where the world may end… or it may not. Either way, we’re still going to be trundling along like usual, trying to get out scanslations for you guys.
To start the year off (or finish off 2011, depends where you are), we’ve got chapter 206 of Rookies. I think 2012 should be a good year for Rookies, I mean, we’ve only got 3 volumes remaining, so hopefully it should not be too difficult to get the manga finished, let’s hope it’s not anyway!
In other news. There’s no Karate this week. The cleaner for this chapter had computer troubles, so another cleaner had to pick up the slack. I’m gonna yell it out again, hopefully we get more help in 2012. We REALLY need more HQ cleaners for Karate. Currently we’ve got one guy who’s getting stuff done. I know all you guys out there love Karate, and so do we. We honestly want to get it out faster to you guys, we want to catch up to where Japan is (Even if that’s light years ahead at this stage), but we can’t get it done with 1 or 2 cleaners. So if you’re good at this stuff, or maybe you know someone else who is, point them in our direction. We’d really love the help.

Anyway guys, grab the chapter of Rookies from our Forums or our Irc Channel. Go thank Illuminati Manga as well for their hard work on Rookies in the past year.

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  1. Enzos Reply

    I also wish you a happy new year!!! Thanks for all your efforts and great work.
    I loved to know someone who has skills in HQ cleaning, but unfortunately I don’t :((

    I hope somme guys come up for help, so that this great series can go on much faster than it is now.

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