Happy New Year

Happy New Year all! (A few days late, but thats the way the release date falls).
Today we’ve got new chapters of Karate, Shibatora and Hanagata for your reading pleasure. Karate 183 leads us right up to the beginning of the tournament, while Shibatora 96 we find out who the culprit is.
As for Hanagata. Well as I mentioned last time, unless we get staff for the project, most importantly being the translators, this will sadly be the last chapter we do of Hanagata. On the plus side though, if this is the last chapter, chapter 13 is a great chapter to finish on as it pretty much wraps up the game and is the end of volume 2.
So yeah, if you’re a Hanagata fan and know someone who can translate J-E (Or know someone who’s a good cleaner, because we need that as well), please send them in our direction.

Grab all 3 chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. Karateka Reply

    Dear deadbeat-scans,

    there are some traslation that you could use some help.
    In the karate manga
    1. Kubi sumo
    this is the Japanese word for “Thai clinch”, only the Japanese say kubi sumo,
    but it is the clinching technique in muay thai, so if you can change the word
    from kubi sumo to thai clinch (or Thai plum) the manga will be much more immersive
    for people who know karate/muay thai like me.
    Thanks in advance
    2. You can search for muay thai techniques name in the net,
    it is very hard to translate from katakana to Thai.
    Almost all Thai characters name can also be found in the net,
    because the author takes the name from real muay thai fighters.

    Thanks for the scanlation!

  2. cmertb Reply

    As you may have noticed, we’re trying to preserve Japanese martial arts terminology wherever possible. “Kubi sumo” is one such term. It’s not a translation from Thai, it’s a term that Japanese invented themselves. So we’re going to keep using it.

    As far as Thai names go, we already asked for assistance from a native Thai speaker based on character names spelled in Thai wiki. The transliterations we got the way will be used from now on. E.g. Maew instead of Meo as spelled in jp.

  3. Ominae Reply

    You guys should look at D-Live!!

    IIRC, it almost has the same art. Well that part changes though as well.

  4. lolman Reply

    Hey Deadbeat, check out this news:

    “The final page Masahito Soda’s Capeta manga in the February issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine revealed on Saturday that the manga will end in two more chapters. Soda added on his blog on Sunday that he had decided on when and how he would end the manga roughly two years ago.
    Soda mentioned that the final two chapters will be longer than normal chapters, with the final chapter being 90 pages in length.”
    Source: ANN

    The end of Capeta :0

  5. cmertb Reply

    Given that we’ll be about 15 volumes behind when it finishes, doesn’t really make much of a difference.

  6. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Haha, yeah, we’re so far behind Japan releases. But on the bright side, we can actually catch up to the series now.

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