Happy New Year

I’m hoping that the rest of you are going to be getting drunk as opposed to stopping other people from getting drunk as is my duty.

Well, we mark the bringing in of 2009 with a couple of new releases literally a couple, one is an old series and one is a new. We would like to give you more, but, I felt that consistency was more important than a dramatic mass release. So look out for a steady stream of chapters.

Anyway, onto todays releases, firstly we have something old Chapter 18 of Shibatora ready for your enjoyment from the usual place which is on the forums here.

Link to Shibatora Chapter 18 fixed, for all who had trouble downloading it should work fine now, my apologies!

As for the new project I am very happy to announce that it’s Naoki Urasawa’s latest Billy Bat, I myself am a huge fan of his works and was really looking forward to being able to work on this and I mean really, really looking forward to it. We have hit a small bump in the road which is why we are starting with chapter 2 and not chapter 1. That snag would be lack of HQ raws, I’m looking for anyone with a morning magazine subscription that may be able to help us out, hell I’m even willing to pay.

For now though you can get Chapter 2 here.

I guarantee that you are not going to be lost as far as the story is concerned by starting out at chapter 2


  1. rei Reply

    Happy New Year! Don’t feel bad, I’m not drinking either 🙁 lol, anyway, thank you for the releases!

  2. AlfredDH Reply

    It seems the link for Shibatora chapter 18 is error. I can’t download it, it says file doesn’t exist.

  3. JP Reply

    Oh, wonderful. I love Urasawa to death. I’m glad I’m going to be able to read some new stuff from him, since Pluto isn’t being translated by anyone anymore.

  4. AlfredDH Reply

    Thx Jazzmatazz. Happy New Year guys, hope you keep up the good work this year too. Lol

  5. Santi Reply

    Thanks a bunch for scaning billy bat (huge urasawa fan lolz) and its true starting from chapter 2 its fine and you dont miss anything (I have chapter one raws but the not so good quality double page per picture u.u) so looking foward to chapter 3 and 4

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