Hello, world of leechers! (imported from temp site)

So, what happened to Deadbeats? Well, we got hit by a perfect storm of staff being on vacation while some viruses are running amok on our site (click at your own risk), with no one around to fix that issue. Since we don’t want to hold off on releasing what you crave because of that, the few staff who are still around have created this temporary site. Hopefully, once the viruses are cleaned up and our main domain is removed from AV and Google shit lists, we’ll be able to go back home.

In the mean time, the next one or two releases will be posted here.

You’re going to get some goodies once MU updates our URL.

If you’re around to read this post despite the fact that we haven’t released anything yet, please make a comment to express your condolences. It might make us feel better about the mess.


  1. MrP Reply

    Condolences! Good to know things are still running – I was worried for a bit. Take it easy guys

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