Himizu 23

Hi all,
So this is an event that doesn’t occur very often. Today we’ve got a new project release for you guys! This project Himizu has been picked up by a few of our staff members, so check out the credits page for the details. You can find out all the information about the manga at the Manga Updates page, it’s not a very long manga and with only 22 previous chapters, be sure to give it a read if it’s your kinda thing.

Unfortunately no Shibatora chapter today, sorry guys. We were bound to slip up at some point.

Anyway, go grab this chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel


  1. x.x Reply

    Yes indeed thank you. This author’s work doesnt nearly get the attention it deserves.

    God its been so long, I need to reread it.

  2. That1Guy Reply

    FUCK YES! Thanks for picking this up. I’ve been wanting to see this get attention for a while now. Furuya Minoru is one of my favorite mangaka. I love almost all his work. You guys rock so much for doing this series!

  3. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    I’m glad you appreciate us picking this series up. This has to be finished once and for all, god damn it. I will try my best to work as fast as I can, but at this point, releases are going to be a “when it’s done” kind of thing.

  4. Stinky Reply

    Loved Himizu, so glad you guys have picked it up. Its been almost two years since the last group worked on it

    Thank you!

  5. shiki Reply

    I freaking love you<3
    How many times Groups worked on this manga, and dropped it after a short time? PLEASE COMPLETE IT FOR OUR SAKE (T^T)
    And it would be too generous to translate other works from Furuya Minoru, his works are just too amazing, it's disappointing that nobody cares about him.

    Thank you. (^o^)/

  6. zed Reply

    thanks so much for picking this up. i thought it was gone forever

    now if only someone would pick up 17-sai

  7. cmertb Reply

    17-sai has been picked up.. It doesn’t change the fact that the tler is doing as much in the new group as he did in the old group.

  8. Doomroar Reply

    Im so glad that this is moving forward again really guys, this manga is so awesome, and thus you guys who help releasing it are awesome too!!!!

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