Himizu 26, KSKM 207 and End of Shibatora

Hey all,
So we’ve got 4 chapters for all today. Starting off, we’ve got new chapters of Himizu and Karate. So grab those!
Next, we, Deadbeat-Scans, have finally finished a manga. Huzzah! Shibatora is the very first manga we have completed (and from start to end no less). We’re releasing both 130 and 131 at the same time. While 130 closes off the end of the manga, 131 is a little bonus chapter that sits at the end. So we thought it would be best to release them both at the same time.
Now most of my thoughts are in the pre-chapter credits page for Chapter 131. Give them a read, as there’s a lot of important people to thank.
But really, I’ll just put a very broad thanks to everyone who ever worked on the project, as well as those who supported and enjoyed Shibatora throughout the years. I believe it’s a huge accomplishment we’ve achieved, and it’s only thanks to everyone who’s been involved that we made it.
So thanks everyone!

Please enjoy the final chapters of Shibatora, and you can get all 4 chapters released today from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. DooD Reply

    Wow, Tnx so much for the completion of this amazing series 😀

  2. totomaru Reply

    That’s just super awesome! Thanks a lot for translating such a good manga.

  3. Wya Reply

    Wow, thank you so much for all your hard work on Shibatora. I really enjoyed that series. THANK YOU!!!!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Nice! Thank you very much for all the work you guys have put into Shibatora!

  5. lolman Reply

    Yeahhh! Congratz DB-S!! What a long journey it’s been! Great manga, I gonna miss it. Byenara Shibatora o/~~
    Ah, of course, thank you for Himizu and Karate 🙂

  6. cooltea Reply

    Thanks so much for the releases and congrats on completing Shibatora. It was great!

  7. Rei-hina Reply

    A really good job on Shibatora project. Many many thanks, you rocks x)

    Really good story and I like the characters – poor Rika :,( – I like the Tora/Mizuki pairing too 😛

    Thanks again.

  8. capetafan Reply

    Now that Sibatora is finished can you guys please increase the pace of releasing capeta? 🙁 its too darn slow maybe shift a few shiba scantilators to capeta?

  9. Masa Reply

    sorry for the slow pace of Capeta release. It’s mostly due to the slow, lazy translator Masa = Me. I’ll do my best to translate it faster.

  10. Masa Reply

    ah, I forgot to tell you this… Congratulations to the completion of Shibatora, dear all DB staff!

  11. capetafan Reply

    Thank you 🙂 it takes ages to find a new issue for kapeta these days. Is is possible for you to seek help from Shiba team now?

  12. shiki Reply

    Congrats on completing Shibatora (^o^)
    It’s the manga that introduced me to you, and i have been following you for years since then
    Thank you very much for all the hard work you put on this manga, we all appreciate it, and good luck with any future projects

    Oh! and of course, Can’t thank you enough for new chapter from Himizu, haha furuya minoru is just too amazing for words! please keep translating it <3

  13. Teo Reply

    Now that Shibatora is finished will you start giving ROOKIES more attention? It’s such a great series that it would be nice to see it released at a faster pace.

    Great job regardless!

  14. kuraisshi Reply

    Yay for more himizu, thank you , and congratulation on the completion of Shiba.

  15. Kenishin Reply

    thanks for the karate chapter and congratulation for shiba !

  16. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    @ Teo: someone2040 might know more about this, but as you know, Rookies is a joint with Illuminati. Releases for this depend on them.

  17. Bada Reply

    Yes, with Capeta released – more time spent on Rookies would be awesome! I’m not sure how joint projects work though…

  18. someone2040 Post authorReply

    Hi Guys,
    About our other projects. It’s really not as simple as “Oh, we’ve finished off one project, we can focus our efforts on other projects now”.
    In general, each project has different people working on them. So any hold ups are due to that. We can’t just throw more people at them and expect them to come out faster, because usually it’s a critical element that holds things up (And critical elements are generally the ones that are hard to find more help for).
    So while I understand you guys want more of your favourite projects, it’s not necessarily feasible without getting the right people to help out.

  19. Anon Reply

    Awesome guys.

    I don’t even remember when did you guys started it, (shibatora) but it’s probably more than 4 years (I still need to finish it).

    Thank you so much for being consistent with Himizu, I really appreciate it.

  20. Taro Reply

    THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING HIMIZU. I just got into it and googled you guys just to say thanks.

  21. homunculus Reply

    congrats on shibatora, it’s been a great manga & thanks for karate and himizu(even if I don’t read it)

  22. Zhou Reply

    You can take your time with Himizu, it wasn’t even that long since the last chapter, you guys made me and many others happy just by picking it up.
    Also, while I haven’t started to read Shibatora yet, I think it’s admirable that you scanlated such a long manga from the beginning to the end, kudos to you.

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