Himizu 28 and KSKM 210

Hey all,
Sorry for the delays around Karate. Just got a bunch of chapters in, so it should be regular for a little while at least (Until it happens again!).
Anyway, 2 chapters today. Got another chapter of Himizu along with the new chapter of Karate.

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  1. Kelly Reply

    Thank you very much!

    Hmm, I’m disappointed in Ryuu. I know he wants to win, but still…

  2. That1Guy Reply

    Thanks for the chapter of Himizu! I love all of Furuya Minoru’s works (except Ping Pong Club… it’s just retarded). I hate the giant anime eyes, so these types of manga are the ones you can actually relate to somewhat. Just more realistic.

  3. Zhou Reply

    Once again thanks for Himizu and also for the interesting note at the end. I would like to add that “itadakimasu” is the polite form of “morau”.

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