Himizu 30 and KSKM 214

Hey all,
2 new chapters today. Haven’t looked over Himizu yet, but in Karate we’ve got a bit of a flashback before the fight is about to begin.

Grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. That1Guy Reply

    Thanks for the chapter of Himizu. Jesus, that guy has issues. Page 8 was quite epic, though. Only if he would have used some martial arts yell along with it, i.e. “Take this! Hiyaa!” lol
    You guys should think about picking up Furuya’s ongoing series, Saruchinesu. I think the art alone is worth scanlating that series. I have no idea what it’s about besides what is on MU. I love pretty much everything Furuya Minoru because of the art and odd stories, so it’d be worth checking into at the very least. Just a thought.

  2. crazy_horse Reply

    Hmm, I downloaded some RAWs and…. Yeah, it’s very interesting alright, but we will probably need a very good redrawer if we ever pick it up. Which I kinda doubt it, since we still have to finish our current series.
    Is it still a possibility? Absolutely, but only after Himizu is done. Nevertheless, thank you for the suggestion.

  3. kieu trang Reply

    I hope you guy can release chap 31 fast, it very hot now, dont make it too long please. For new chapter Great work!

  4. Kevin Reply

    I just would like to ad my thanks and gratitude to Deadbeat-scans and especially , Crazy_horse for a fantastic job on Himizu! I was die hard follower of Snoopy Cool where it is originally started back in 2008. He disappeared , so Himizu stopped. But now, thanks to Crazy_horse, the scanlation is back . And what an amazing job he is doing on this great manga. I love the after chapter info about the what had happened , and pointing out details that we might have missed .
    I just wish I knew where else can I read another Crazy_Horse project.
    A first Class job on a First Class manga!
    Thank You.

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