Capeta V17 part 1, Montage 26 and KSKM 257

Hey all,

after a very long time of desperate searching, growing doubts and almost shattered hopes of the project ever continuing it’s scanlation life, it’s our great honor to introduce to you our new Capeta translator:

Didactic Intent


He’s the knight in shining armor for this very good and popular sports manga so everybody give him a warm welcome and also Β all your support so that the project may finally come to a well deserved completion as it did in Japan.

Montage continues with the past story of Yuudai and Ryuu giving us some more insight. On the very first page of this chapter there’s also a featured song by Kayama Yuuzou entitled “Forever with you” or “Kimi to itsumademo”. We put a youtube link on that page for everybody to see, but the ones visiting our website can just click it here before they even read the chapter: Forever with you.

And for KSKM we have the continuation of Minoru’s fight against Gianni (second chapter out of a total of ten). Did you see that kick to the face?!?! I know Gianni didn’t!! I’ve conveniently placed a pic of it as this post’s thumbnail πŸ˜› So now you’ve all seen it.

Grab our releases using the links below, or check us out on Irc.

Capeta v17 part 1: DDL Read Online
Montage 26: DDL Read Online
KSKM 257: DDL Read Online


  1. lolman Reply

    What? I can’t believe!!!!!!!!!!!! CAPETAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    Didactic Intent, i love you *___*

  2. homunculus Reply

    thanks for kskm and capeta? seriously? AWESOME!!!
    thanks and welcome didactic intent, you are godsent!!

  3. BlackWing Reply

    Welcome to the group, didactic. Thanks for the hard work guys =)

  4. moroc Reply

    Thanks for Montage!
    (…and I’m still rooting for Skandalaki πŸ˜‰

  5. moroc Reply

    …and yes, welcome Didactic! Contributing to such projects is quite admirable, and I’m deeply grateful for the time, patience and dedication of scanlators – especially quality groups such as deadbeat. Without them there would be no manga readers in the west.

  6. Hopado Reply

    glad u guys have some one to translate capeta. just wondering if u guys are planing on translating volumes. 6-10. cant seem to find just those volumes anywhere on the net.

  7. moe Reply

    Thanks for Capeta, been a long wait, good to see it picking up pace again!

  8. g_g Reply

    haha took me a while to get his name was Didactic Intent. I thought it was a new section in the release post :/ So, welcome DI!
    I haven’t read Capeta yet, but I plan to, as a big Formula 1 fan I am (which is coming back this weekend)
    Montage <3

  9. jacobpaige Reply

    Thank you πŸ˜€

    I’d totally given up on this series πŸ˜€

  10. true Reply

    welcome Didactic Intent πŸ˜€ thanks for reviving capeta πŸ˜€

  11. phat008 Reply

    Round of applause for the new translator: Didactic Intent. Thank you for stepping up so that Capeta releases continue!

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