Just Rookies this time

Hey everyone,
Just Rookies this release. Ran into a few issues which slowed the chapter down as well, but it’s now here. As always, enjoy the chapter.

Just gotta shout out again though, but if you can help out in any way with this manga, please sign up in the Recruitment section. Especiall if you’re a cleaner, because it’s just me… cleaning and typesetting. Even if you’re new you can probably help out, as Rookies has it’s fair share of redraw-heavy chapters but also one’s which have little redraws at all.

Anyway, as usual you can get the chapter from our forums as well as our Irc Channel. Be sure to thank Illuminati-Manga as well.


  1. ithinkweirdthoughts Reply

    Thank you SO MUCH for picking this up… im soo looooking forward into completely reading this… Man, keep up the good work guys!!!! I mean it! Wish I can join you guys…I can’t translate tho… Im still on the learning process… anyway! YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!!

  2. someone2040 Post authorReply

    Cleaner involves.
    Needing photoshop. The ability to rotate and crop a page to a high degree (so rotate as straight as possible. Get as much of the page in when you crop without showing any non-page pixels). Then you need to be able to level, see and clean dust and dirt from white. And make sure everything that is black is properly black (i.e clean black dust where it’s not quite black).
    Lastly, not mandatory for Rookies, but is a really useful skill to be able to do is redraw. Basically involves redrawing parts of the image using whatever techniques you have where the text goes over the image, and making it look natural. You should at the very least be able to join simple double pages and do some simple redraws.

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