Karate 101, Over Time 8 and Updated Online Reader Policy

Hey all,
I’ve got 2 chapters to release today. Everyone gets to enjoy their weekly dose of Karate. Also got the next release of Over Time for the baseball fans out there.

Also, today notes the start of our use of the Batoto Online Reader. If you want to read our mangas online, we suggest using this site instead of the others for multiple reasons. Firstly, they offer far better image quality than others we’ve seen (And of course, we’re using the best raws we can find or scan ourselves to give you guys the best quality). Secondly, the adverts they have on their site (and all online readers show adverts), are directly linked to the Scanslators. That’s right, if you read a page on Batoto, you’re helping out Deadbeat-Scans.
Not all of our mangas have been uploaded yet, but we’re making progress into getting that to happen. So far all of Capeta, Shibatora, Karate and Over Time have been uploaded, with about half of Peace Maker as well.

So the update to our online reader policy, is that there will be no Delay period for Batoto, but for all other online readers (and external sites hosting our releases) there is still a 24 hour delay. So if you want to get our stuff straight away, you have to either direct download from us or our IRC channel, or read it online at Batoto, simple.

So yeah, now that’s all done. You can find the links for direct download and online reading from our Forums or get the chapter from our Irc Channel.

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