Karate 158, Shibatora 78 and Hanagata 12

Hey all,
So along with the regular release of Karate and Shibatora today, we’ve also got one of our other mangas, Hanagata!
We haven’t been able to focus much on our other mangas in recent times due to lack of dedicated staff for those projects (Essentially, when I have free time and feel like scanslation work, I do some work on them). Especially Hanagata because it’s almost as hard to redraw as Karate! But thanks to our new method of redrawing, it’s really sped up how we can do Hanagata.
However, it’s only sped up if we do get the staff for it! At the moment we are looking for a translator, typesetter and cleaner otherwise it’ll just be relegated to the “When we have free time” slot. So if you’re interested, join the group!

Anyway, grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


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