Karate 184, Shiba 97, Capeta v16 Part 2 and Farewell E-A

Hi All,
Today we’ve got the usual releases, plus some unfortunate bad news in the scanslation world (or at least, our little section of it).
So with the good news, we’ve got new chapters of Karate, Shibatora and the much awaited Capeta. Capeta seems to be picking up in popularity lately which is awesome, considering that it was one of the projects we considered dropping a few years ago when our group was a mess. It’s only thanks to translators trickling in and doing their share of it that we’ve even kept it up today (and that the cleaning is fairly easy and straight forward).

However, we would not have gotten anywhere near as far on Capeta without the help of our friends at Endless Abyss. Nearly all of our Capeta chapters have had some staff from E-A pitching in to help out. So sadly, this will be our last joint with E-A due to the group closing down. If you’ve enjoyed Capeta, or just want to say thanks to a scanslation group that like all, have put in many hours of effort, please visit their site to say Thank you to the group. It’s always nice to know that your efforts were appreciated.

As for Capeta, well we should be continuing that as normal. So don’t worry racing fans, there should be more Capeta to come in the future.

Another bit of poor news. Recently we received notice from our provider for Deadbeat-Host that our hosting was breaking their Terms of Service. So due to this, and the fact it is costing us extra per month, we will not be continuing to provide direct downloads from our host. Instead in future, direct downloads will come from free file sharing services.
For now, some old links may or may not work. I will work on getting backups of our releases for direct download next week. Until then, you can grab all of our releases off of our IRC bot.

So lastly, the usual, grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. lolman Reply

    Karate YEAH! Shibatora YEAH! Capeta YEAH! THANKS DBS! Hahaha, Capeta is my favorite DBS project. Actually I love all DBS projects 🙂

    Sad news man. It’s a loss for scanlation world and now a sad day to me. I followed all E-A projects. I was part of scanlators for 10 years (from 1999 to 2009), so I undestand. This day always comes to scanlator groups. I hope this day take too long to get to you guys hahahah.

    About free file sharing services, I recommend you test http://www.packupload.com/

  2. =anm= Reply

    Thanks for the release.
    KSKM 184 has a mistype – where Ryuu says: “You don’t want to take it…” (pg 16 on Batoto).

  3. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    Oh goddammit, yes, there was a typo that somehow got overlooked. It was supposed to be “You don’t want to take it out on JUST Kohinata-kun,”.
    It happens.

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