Karate 87 and Shibatora 44

Today got our regular 2 chapters for you. First off is Karate chapter 87, which starts the fight between Ryuu Oosugi and Teranishi. Who of these 2 will win to go up against Minoru in the finals?
Secondly we have Shibatora chapter 44. This chapter finishes off the Bloody Mary arc.

You may be wondering what has happened to our other series. Well, to put it simply, we need staff. Recruiting all positions really. We especially need experienced redrawers for Karate and Hanagata. Hanagata to get the ball rolling again, and Karate so we can hopefully speed up in the future. But in general we can use a bit of everything, so don’t hesitate to apply on our forums if you think you can help the team.

Well, that being said, enjoy the chapters. Grab them either from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. David Reply

    Thanks a lot for all the Karate releases. Shibatora as well, although I want to punch the little squirt right in the kisser.

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