Karate and Shibatora Goodness Pt.2

That’s right folks. More Karate, More Shibatora! The tables are turned this time though. Last time we released more Karate chapters than Shibatora, but this time you’re getting a large dose of Shibatora instead (Not that we’re skimping on the Karate though).

These chapters see the current arc in Karate start to get into some important fighting. Shibatora finishes off the mini-arc as well as launching into the next arc. Great chapters, go grab them now!

Right! Links!You can grab them via direct download on our forums as well as from our irc channel #Deadbeat@Irchighway.net.

Enjoy the chapters guys!

Jazzy Edit: I would hope we don’t have to keep on repeating this and what not but at any rate. Please do not upload our releases anywhere (online readers most especially) until 24 hours have passed. Thank you


  1. Rangerkern Reply

    Thank you for the releases. Now I can not wait till the next one.

  2. MightyMoose Reply

    Thank you! I love both Karate and Shibatora they are two of my fav mangas, especially Shibatora. I like the way they jump from serious to comic without making the manga look stupid and ridiculous. Cheers carry on the good work

  3. Sojourn Reply

    Thanks for the chapters. I started Shibatora only cause you called it Shibatora Goodness. It got me curious so I went ahead and read it. Damn, it’s good. Thanks for KSKM as well!

  4. Kenshin Reply

    With this chapter, i was so impatient that i downloaded all the raw chapters.
    The last chapter i read was chapter 390 so good luck with your trads ^^
    All the caracters are abused ^^

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