Karate and Shibatora Goodness

Hey all,
It’s my pleasure to bring to you today, more Karate and Shibatora goodness. Karate has obviously seen a lot of releases this year, but poor Shibatora hasn’t seen the light of day since 2009.
However, I’m here to set that straight! Today we have 3 chapters of Karate for you, as well as 1 chapter of Shibatora, nicely concluding the story arc.

Hope you all enjoy! You can find the download links on our forums

A small note. Currently our hosting is down. We are using mediafire for this release and will update our links when our hosting comes back up. This means that none of the links around our website will work at the moment. You can get all our chapters from IRC however like normal, or just wait for our hosting to come back if you prefer downloading from the website.
Edit : IRC downloads for latest chapters are now up. Proceed!

Edit: Also, to those who donated previously the list will be updated in this upcoming week so keep an eye out. In regards to donations in general we are nearly there so any little bit of help is appreciated in order to take us to our final goal!

Anyway! I hope you enjoy the chapters.


  1. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    yup, other releases… one of Shibatora, which we haven`t seen in quite a while and three of KSKM… hopefully more will follow and hopefully i`ll be able to work on some… ^_^

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