Karate Chapter 23

It has taken us a while, but it’s finally here. I think we can agree that the quality of this chapter is great, and all thanks to one of our new cleaners, Kyubi654. If you visit on our IRC channel, or post on our forums, do take the time to thank him! Of course, it wasn’t a lone effort, and great effort has been made all around (Jazzmatazz even typeset this while she is on holiday! Talk about dedication).

You can grab the latest piece of Karate action on our forums

I would personally like to thank everyone who has applied. We currently have some new members, whose work will be appearing in chapters soon. I’d also like to say that we always need more staff. Peace Maker and Hanagata both are in need of a translator, while Shibatora needs a cleaner. Overall we need bits of everything, so if you think you’d like to give it a shot, feel free to make a post in the recruitment section of our forums.


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  1. Arashiro Reply

    Hey guys, thanks for shibatora. I just started to read, but i fell that i have to say thanks. Plz, post more, one week, one month… whatever, just do it until the end. XD

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