Karate new Arc, Peace Maker v3

Hey all,
So this chapter of Karate starts a new arc. Time to see if Minoru’s training in Okinawa has paid off as we head into the Tournament Preliminaries arc. Should be good, and should have some awesome fights.

Peace Maker wraps up the current Duel in Battlefield, with perhaps a most unexpected winner.

Enjoy the chapters, get them on our Forums or on our Irc Channel. Remember, we’re always recruiting, so if you can help out (especially cleaners who can redraw), please apply on our forums.


  1. highschool-urchin Reply

    Yeah, thanks, I love karate too 😀 and you make it possible for me to read it 😀

  2. PixiWorld Reply

    Boy i wihshed i had any knowledge about your work, i would love to help you to pump out more chapters 🙂

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